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Earlier this week we started an Internet Marketing Tools page on our website. This page lists all the internet marketing websites, books, podcasts, services and tools that help and inspire us on a daily basis. Our Internet Marketing Tools page serves as a mnemonic for us. We hope it will be a source of inspiration for you. One of the resources on our tools page is, a premium provider of free and great advice on content marketing. Copyblogger is a software provider for internet marketeers. Copyblogger offers services for:
  • web design: copyblogger offers a framework and themes to built WordPress websites
  • managed web hosting: copyblogger offers managed hosting for WordPress websites
  • conversions: copyblogger offers software to build memberships sites and landing pages
  • content creation: copyblogger offers software to optimize your copywriting for search engines
In short, copyblogger offers software that helps you stand out and be found in a crowded internet space where millions of sites are begging for your attention. And they do a very good job! However, as is the case with HubSpot, we don’t necessarily recommend copyblogger for their software – although we are great fans of their software. Instead we recommend copyblogger for their constant stream of free inspirational blog posts, tutorials and podcasts on content marketing. Copyblogger Marketing - Lincelot Marketing

“We Don’t Just Preach Content Marketing… We Built Our Company With It” – copyblogger

  In order to get the most from copyblogger without getting swamped with a seemingly endless flow of information, you may want to do the following: Yes, we are fans of copyblogger. Their blog posts and podcasts have been an inspiration ever since we started Lincelot. Go on and devour copyblogger’s free content. We are sure you will love it!

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