How to deal with brandjacking: unleash your community!

Success attracts fans and scammers. Unfortunately the latter happened to Pat Flynn today. Pat is the owner of the Smart Passive Income (SPI) blog and the host of the immensely popular SPI podcast. Today Pat got brandjacked. But not for long. Thanks the SPI community!

With a little help from his friends!

This morning, Pat shared the following announcement on his SPI Facebook page:
Apparently some scammer was using Pat’s image and branding to sell a product on Facebook. Being successful is awesome (and Pat deserves it) but being brandjacked because of your success is just sad. Luckily for Pat, he has built a very loyal and responsive community over the past 5 years. Pat is well known for sharing great free sales and marketing advice through his blog, podcasts, meetups etc. He definitely pays it forward, and today his community paid him back. Within two hours, Pat’s request to report the fake SPI page as spam received more than 80 likes and 80 comments from fans who had followed Pat’s instructions (you’re very welcome, Pat!). Within two hours, the fraudulent page was banned from Facebook and Pat sent out a big thanks to his community, thus reinforcing the community feeling with his fans.

How about your community?

This incident shows the amazing power of (building) a community. Not just fans, not just an audience, but a community of loyal followers. It takes time, effort and devotion, but in the end it pays off. Big time! How are you building your community?

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