Ever seen a football pitch with 5 goals?

Have you ever seen a football pitch with 5 goals? Or a bike race with 2 finish lines? Neither have I! And the reason is simple. A game with one goal is easier to understand and retell. The same goes for marketing messages.

What is your goal?

Effective marketing – Choices are hard but necessary A professor of mine was once known for his legendary words: “What is your goal?”. In each study, each article and each presentation he asked the same question: “What is your goal?”. Why? Because a story with one goal or message is easier to understand and retell than a story with different goals.

Shorter is better

I remember my frustration when my professor popped the question again. Frustration, because I often wanted to tell too much. This often made my story too long and too complex. My professor would then shake his head in dismay. And rightly so! As I came to understand later in life, when it comes to marketing, shorter is often better.

Tell and let tell

Short and simple stories are easier to tell and pass along. This is very important. It does not matter how well you tell your story, you can always reach a larger audience through your fans. This is how the best stories are passed along from generation to generation, and this is also how viral marketing campaigns are distributed through social media.

Good luck!

Straightforward marketing - the shorter the better

Will you send out a new mailing, launch a new product or make a new company video soon? Then make it short and easy with some (not too much!) clear benefits and a simple conclusion that invites others to spread your message. This may sound like stating the obvious, but it is harder than you think. So good luck!

P.S. Good marketing will make a bad product fail faster. A good product is always the basis for good marketing. But we all know that, right?

Marketing op maat van je bedrijf

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