Get “Happy” with the world’s first 24-hour interactive music video by Pharrell Williams

Do you need a break? Pharrell Williams can help. The charismatic American pop icon has just released the world’s first 24-hour-long interactive music video. The title is “Happy” (from the soundtrack of Despicable Me 2), and that’s exactly how you’ll feel after watching the video. In a recent interview Pharrell Williams attributed the success of his recent monster hits Blurred Lines (with Robin Thicke) and Get Lucky (with Daft Punk) to the fact that people need an escape from everyday reality every once in a while. Or, as Pharrell puts it, “There’s a lot of f**ked-up travesty in the world. Sometimes you just need a Hallmark card. Sometimes you just need to shake your ass.” So Pharrell set out to make his own Hallmark card: a 24-hour interactive music video with people like you and me (and a few celebrities) grooving to the music. The result is innovative, authentic, beautiful and… it will make you happy! If you fire up, you’ll see a clock-like interface. The interface is superimposed with footage from Pharrell and his dancers dancing around the clock. You can watch in “real-time” but you can easily browse through 24 hours of music, dance and happinness. And you can share your favorite clips via Facebook or Twitter at any time. With this video, Pharrell definitely raises the bar when it comes to engaging his fans in his music. And it’s definitely an innovative way to promote music videos! No doubt that this website (and song) will go viral. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Happy” becomes Pharrell’s new monster hit. And if you ask me… Pharrell deserves it. “Happy” just made my day! P.S. Can you spot Magic Johnson, Steve Carrell, Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Kimmel dancing? Go for it! Fire up and Get Happy!

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