Marketing as it should be: authentic and pleasant

Apple spends millions on marketing every year. Their style is recognizable: white, sleek, with maximum focus on their products.

But over the last few years this minimalist style has increasingly led to sterile and predictable marketing videos, featuring often unnatural monologues by key players within Apple.

Apple marketing : white, sleek and sterile

The film below is a good example of such a sterile film. Apple used this video in 2012 for the introduction of the MacBook Pro with retina display.

Although I am an Apple fan, I cringe at the over-acting of Apple lead designer Sir Jonathan Ive in the first 14 seconds of this video. You be the judge:

Apple marketing: there is another way!

Fast forward to February 2013. The same Jonathan Ive was a guest on Blue Peter, a popular children’s show in the UK. And it was off the charts. Just look at the video below.

This video was not made by Apple, but by a team from the BBC. It has no white background, no made-up Sir Jonathan Ive, and no unnatural monologue.

This video just shows ‘Jony’, a nice guy with a wrinkled shirt and beer belly in the middle of his ‘engine room’ at Apple. And he is having so much fun! His enthusiasm and love for his profession leap from the screen. His energy is contagious!

Authenticity and enthusiasm still work !

This leads me to a fine conclusion: authenticity and enthusiasm still work. There’s no doubt the BBC film left a much larger and more positive impression on me than all of Apple’s last 10 marketing videos together.

And this has always been the key to marketing: strike a chord with your target audience. Bad job, Apple. Very well done BBC! And, of course, Jony.

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