PageLines DMS: Game changer for WordPress web design?

We are excited here at Lincelot. Big time. Because the design and management of WordPress websites have just become much easier. Or so it seems, with the release of the new PageLines Design Management System (DMS).

PageLines DMS claims to make it much easier to add and modify the content and the design of your WordPress website. If this new design system lives up to its promises, it can become a game changer for WordPress web developers, web designers and end users alike.


What is PageLines DMS?

According to PageLines, their new DMS is a modular design system that allows you to drag and drop professionally designed layout elements around your website faster and easier than ever before.

PageLines DMS has all the benefits of contemporary WordPress themes and design systems. It features 100% responsive design, limitless design options and extensions, full support of all WordPress functionality and plugins, full power of the bootstrap CSS design framework, robust search engine optimization and social tools, easy controls for layout, color and typography…

In addition to these ‘standard’ features however, the following benefits stand out:

  • Intuitive Drag & Drop design through a visual editor on the front-end (!) of your website
  • Close and intuitive integration of the PageLines Store
  • Dynamic Theming for efficient reuse of previously designed pages and websites

Let’s have a look at the PageLines DMS infomercial featuring PageLines CEO Andrew Powers for some context:

In order to fully appreciate the potential benefits of PageLines DMS, it helps to understand that every WordPress website is made up of:

  • code: the inner workings of your website
  • content: the pages, blog posts and multimedia on your website
  • design elements: the look and feel of your website

Up until now, when you wanted to add or modify content or design elements on your WordPress website, you would probably follow a 2-step procedure:

  • back-end coding: first you would make changes in the admin panel, a visual editor or -heaven forbid- the code in the back-end of your website
  • front-end viewing: then you would see the results on the front-end of your website

As most web designers and end users/admins will agree, switching back and forth between the back-end and the front-end of your website takes time (and money).

In addition, the split between a back-end and a front-end of a website increases the learning curve for novice end users/admins who want to learn to manage the content and the design of their own website.

PageLines DMS takes a different approach.

PageLines DMS can save time, money and frustration

PageLines DMS aims to bridge the gap between the back-end and the front-end of your WordPress website with a drag-and-drop visual editor at the front-end of your website. According to PageLines CEO Andrew Powers,

DMS moves everything to the front-end that belongs to the front-end

and as a result

When it comes to moving something around on your site, you just drag and drop it

This means that instead of having to switch back and forth between the back-end and the front-end of your WordPress website, with PageLines DMS you can finally edit your content and design elements inline, right from the front-end of your website.

As a result building and managing WordPress websites with PageLines DMS has the potential to save time, money and frustration compared to building and managing custom-coded websites or websites that are based on pre-designed WordPress themes.

The potential benefits of PageLines DMS are well illustrated in the following walk-through:

As this walk-through shows, PageLines DMS aims at offering more than ‘just’ the benefit of inline editing through a visual editor on the front-end of your website. One of these additional benefits is the PageLines Store.

Select, drag and drop professional design elements with a click

Just like its predecessors PageLines PlatformPro and PageLines Framework 2.0 (both of which we have used extensively in the past), PageLines DMS leverages an ecosystem of WordPress developers who sell pre-designed plugins and sections in the PageLines Store.

The plugins and sections in the PageLines Store form a rich addition to the standard design elements that are offered with PageLines DMS and the plugins that are available from the WordPress plugin repository. And… the PageLines Store has never been easier to use.

Since PageLines DMS has moved all design elements to the front-end of your website, you can now select plugins and sections from the PageLines Store and drag and drop them wherever you want them to appear on your website – all from the front-end of your website.

Changing the look and feel of your design elements is easy as well. You just have to click a design element and its settings will fire up so you can adjust them instantly.

PageLines DMS offers the promise to select, drag, drop and modify the content and the design of your WordPress website faster and easier than ever.

Dynamic Theming + easy export and import = efficient web design

Another great benefit (a potential time saver) of PageLines DMS is what they call “Dynamic Theming”.

Nobody likes to reinvent the wheel. And nobody likes to redesign (a template of) a web page when you previously designed a similar web page on another website.

PageLines DMS now offers the ability to build pages and to convert them into page templates that you can use around your website.

Even more important, with PageLines DMS you can now convert your entire WordPress website into a child theme that can be sold and/or reused to build new websites.

PageLines DMS thus enables you to design web pages and websites once and to reuse and modify your templates and themes over and over again.

Dynamic Theming can become a huge time saver (and an additional source of income) for savvy WordPress web designers.

PageLines DMS

Pricing of PageLines DMS

The basic version of PageLines DMS is free. That’s right! You can download the basic version of PageLines DMS here. This free basic version will give you access to all the core benefits of PageLines DMS. However, if you want to add more professional sections to your website or if you want to build multiple websites with PageLines DMS, you can always upgrade to a paid subscription.

The paid version of PageLines DMS comes with monthly subscription plans. Given that the design possibilities with PageLines DMS are virtually endless and that PageLines DMS can save you time (and money) when designing and changing your WordPress website(s), the subscriptions seem reasonably priced.

A subscription for 1 website starts at $8/month, a subscription for the design of 6 websites will cost you $16/month. A subscription for the design of an unlimited number of WordPress websites (and WordPress multisite configurations) will cost you $24/month.

What’s in it for you?

We just laid our hands on PageLines DMS and from what we can tell now, PageLines DMS looks promising to WordPress web developers, web designers and end users alike.

  • WordPress web developers will probably appreciate the developer tools and resources for building custom plugins and sections, and the ability to sell them in the PageLines store. The number of plugins and sections in the PageLines store is still limited (but the ones in there are generally really good), so you can still enjoy large exposure to a large audience of web designers.
  • WordPress web designers will probably appreciate the inline editing drag and drop functionality and the ability to save page templates and child themes for later use on other WordPress websites. Both features can save a lot of time when designing, modifying and maintaining WordPress websites.
  • End users/admins of WordPress websites will probably benefit from a reduced learning curve. Since PageLines DMS allows you to edit content and web design from the front-end of your website, novice users/admins will no longer have to switch back and forth between the back-end and the front-end of their websites.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? If you feel the same way and if you want to test PageLines DMS right away, you can test the fully operational basic version of PageLines DMS for free by clicking the blue button below. Go for it! Build a website. We look forward to hearing about your findings.

What’s next?

We have been advocates of PageLines PlatformPro and the PageLines Framework 2.0 for developing websites, so we can’t wait to thoroughly test the newly released PageLines DMS.

So this is exactly what we will do. We will test PageLines DMS by upgrading the look and feel of our own website soon and we will use PageLines DMS to build a few websites in our pipeline. Then we will come back here to discuss our findings. The good, the bad and (hopefully not) the ugly.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and hands-on reviews of PageLines DMS and other tools, tips and tricks that can increase your online findability, visibility and overall success. Please push the blue button below to read all about the technical ins and outs of PageLines DMS.


Disclaimer: Please note that the above links to the PageLines DMS website are affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost to you, we get a small commission if you decide to buy a paid subscription to PageLines DMS after following one of these links. Please understand that we don’t share these links for the small commissions we may make, but because we have been long-time users of PageLines and because we believe that the new Pagelines DMS can be helpful and useful for you and your business.


Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding PageLines DMS? Will you use it in the near future and/or do you want to share your findings? Or are you looking for help to build your own WordPress website (with or without PageLines DMS). We look forward to hearing from you.

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