Desperados: Tequila-flavored marketing

So I am in France. The sun is shining, it’s over thirty degrees. Time for a beer. And you know, let’s do something crazy. Let’s take a Desperados. You know, the ‘Tequila-flavored’ beer in that typical bottle with the sweet taste of the Wild West, or Mexico, or … where does Desperados actually come from?

Desperados, the beer from…

Desperados - Tequila Flavored Marketing - Lincelot France! Desperados comes from France! Call me naive or call me a fan of the better local beers, but until now I did not know that Desperados comes from France. The land of wine, champagne, cheese and long traffic jams heading south … but not Desperados?

And it’s getting even worse, because it appears that Desperados has been owned by Heineken since 1996. Heineken! You know, the beer that many Dutch refer to as ’tap water’ and that is sold far too expensive in the rest of the world. So Desperados is coming from France, and it has been in Dutch hands since 1996.

Greetings from Brabant!

As could be expected form the above, given the soaring demand for Desperados, in April 2012 the production has been expanded from Paris to … Den Bosch. In the Netherlands! From now on the Dutch will brew 40 million litres of Desperados each year. For exports to the rest of the world. Evidently with the familiar Tequila flavor and the famous Tequila-flavored marketing!

Desperados, Tequila-flavored marketing

The tough brand name, the typical font, the bottle with embossed print and marketing with tough Mexicans, cowgirls, whips and cactuses. And all that for a sweet beer from France that is now brewed in the Netherlands. Very well done people, but my Desperados will never taste the same again.

Mixed feelings

Desperados - Tequila-Flavored Markteting - Lincelot Marketing I have mixed feelings now. On the one hand I feel disappointed, on the other hand I feel respect. An illusion has been dispelled. To me, Desperados is no longer an exotic, cool beer. I consider Desperados a sweet French beer from the Netherlands now. But I don’t care.

Because Desperados has really got its marketing act together! To me, Desperados is the perfect example of a brand that does not sell a product (beer) but an experience (freedom). A good experience. And they are good at this. Very good. I respect that!

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